On November 1, Elora United is joining with the Bethany and Alma United Church congregations to become one new church family called 

Hope Springs United Church

We will bring together all of the people, history, resources, and hopes of the three congregations to become one new family of faith.

Hope Springs UC will continue to serve the communities in which we live and work. Our mission areas of Ponsonby-Inverhaugh, the Alma and Elora villages and beyond will remain unchanged. It is our hope that, through this new union, we shall be able to strengthen ourselves to further enjoin what Jesus is already doing in these places.

Hope Springs UC will, for the time being, worship in the current home of Elora United Church.

The staff serving Hope Springs UC will be
Greg Smith-Young   Minister for Worship, Christian Formation, & Pastoral care
Barb Smith-Young   Minister for children and youth
Betty Weinstein   Music Leader
Doris Detta   Office Administrator
Beverly Bond   Bookkeeper and Treasurer
Suzanne Flewelling   Building Cleaner

Over the next year, our new Hope Springs UC will be growing together, strengthening our relationships with one another, and learning how to flourish. We will be discovering: Who we are! Who we shall become! What are our Purpose, Mission, Goals and Focuses!

Once we have a better sense of these things, we can then decide what our future needs and resources are for our building, ministers and other staff.


We have assistive listening devices

 we are wheelchair accessible


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