Baptism celebrates God’s reaching out to us. It symbolizes:
– God’s gift of life.
– Our dying to old ways of living, and our being spiritually born of God into God’s way of life
– Our belonging to the community of Jesus’ disciples, the Church.
– Our equality before God, and our dependence on God.

Do you baptize babies?
We baptize people of all ages. Baptism is not a celebration of our faith or accomplishments, but of God’s grace and faithfulness to us. That’s good news for all of us, no matter what stage of life we are in.

Do I have to belong to your church to have my child baptised?
No. However, the promises you will make as a parent include being part of a church community. Normally, at least one of the parents is a member of our congregation. Alternatively, a member can sponsor your child.

I am considering baptism for me or my child. What should I do?
Contact the church office. Our minister will then meet with you to discuss what baptism means. If you agree together that baptism is appropriate, he will bring a recommendation to the congregation’s elders for their approval.

When do you do baptisms?
The minister will set a date for the baptism with you. Usually a special Sunday is set aside for baptisms, but there is often flexibility. Baptisms normally happen during our normal Sunday morning worship service.

What about godparents?
For us, the role of  “Godparents” has traditionally been filled by the whole congregation. However, some may choose to call upon the support of special family members and friends. The minister will talk with you about how they can be included in the ceremony.

I’m not sure about baptism for my child. Are their other options?
Yes! Some parents want to give thanks for the gift of their child without committing to be part of the congregation. For them, a Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing is a wonderful way to express this. Other parents prefer to leave the choice of baptism to their child when they get older. A Dedication Ceremony is a good option for them. Our minister would be pleased to discuss these options with you.

I was baptized before. Can I be baptized again?
Baptism does not need to be repeated, since it is a celebration of God’s faithfulness which remains constant throughout our lives. Still, throughout our lives we should take opportunities to celebrate and renew our baptisms. Please speak with our minister about how you might do this.

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