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This section is about our worship during normal times. These in-person worship services are currently on pause.

Worship is the heart-beat of what we do. We gather weekly to worship, on Sundays from 11:00 until about 12:15. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome.

What Happens in Our Worship? We sing. We pray. There is usually a time especially for children. We hear the Bible read, and someone (usually our minister Greg) offers reflections on the Bible’s meaning for us today.

As we do this, we find God giving us inspiration and hope. God heals us in many different ways. God showers us with love and acceptance. God challenges us, and God gives us the gifts we need to live those challenges.

How Will I Know What to Do? When you arrive, one of our greeters will give you a printed outline of the morning’s activities. You’ll find it also has information about things going on in the church. Words and information are also projected at the front of the worship space (the sanctuary). The worship leaders will give clear instructions for everyone to follow along.

What About My Kids? After starting all together, kids can leave for Children’s Worship, a warm environment where they discover their identity in Christ. Some prefer to stay with their parents, and that is ok too.

What Do I Have to Wear? Whatever you are comfortable in. Some dress up. Others come casual. We have a relaxed style.

Where Do I Sit? No seats are reserved. Feel free to sit up close, or towards the back. Wherever you feel comfortable.

Should I Bring Money? We do take a collection during worship, but please feel free to pass the collection plate by. As our guest, sharing your time with us is the gift we are most thankful for.

What about Music? We use a blend of traditional hymns and newer songs. We have music leaders who help us all to sing as best as we can. Please don’t feel uncomfortable if you don’t know a song. We are learning new ones all the time, so we all know what that feels like. Just listen and join in as you wish.

What Happens After? After worship, you are welcome to come downstairs to our Fellowship Hall for some refreshments. It is also a good place to meet new people and find out more about us.

More Questions? You can talk with one of our greeters, or anyone you saw leading the worship service. You can also speak with Greg.