This section is about our children’s activities during normal times.
These are on pause.
Check out our COVID-19 response page for current activities.


Elora UC Kids on Sunday Mornings

We all begin worship together with our families, in the sanctuary.
After 15-20 minutes, we head for our special worship space.

Children’s Worship

3 Groups: PreK–SK, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-6

This year’s theme is Growing With God.
We’re exploring teachings in the Bible about basics of following Jesus: baptism, prayer, trusting God’s love, communion, forgiveness, faith in action.

We learn through drama, baking, games, science experiments, crafts and video/DVD.

And our parents are welcome to join us.

Leading us is a committed team of screened volunteers.


Toddler Care

We want to help Dads and Moms enjoy worshipping God with us.

So we offer Toddler Care.
This is a safe, engaging time for your young child.

It’s provided by senior youth
who are employees of Elora UC.

No cost to families.

Before worship, you can meet the Toddler Care Provider at the back of the sanctuary.

You can sign up with them.
Ask any questions you have.

Toddlers and their Caregiver will go downstairs at the same time as the other children.
Please pick up your child after worship finishes.


Youth Exploring Faith

Check out our Youth page for more details.


Supporting Parents

Parents are their children’s primary spiritual nurturers.

Our church partners with parents.

We help encourage and equip them to lead their children in following Jesus.

Often, we have information for your kids to take home.
This has ideas to help your family grow in your faith at home.

We also have special Parent Discussion times
These are opportunities to talk and learn from each other
about supporting our children in their growing faith.

Check with Barb to find out about the next one.

Children’s Resource Library


Check out our library cart.
Browse resources.
Borrow to take home.

Open during the after-worship refreshment time.


For further information contact Barb Smith-Young.