Make a Difference

Since November 2016, we have been supporting a family from Syria who are making their new home in Canada. In June 2019 we welcomed our second family!

Project Welcome is a community-wide effort to share in this work. While it is “nested” within Elora United Church, for legal and logistical reason, everyone is welcome to be part of it.

To find out more and see how you can help, please check out the Project Welcome website.

We are committed to being a Christ-centred community for all, including folks of all sexual and gender identities.

Elora United Church is pleased to support our local Generous Space group. Our ministers, Barb & Greg Smith-Young, are founding members. Click here to see a full-sized version of our poster.

  Elora United Church supports Save Our Water, a grassroots group in our township committed to protecting the health and sustainability of our water supply. This includes preventing proposed water-taking from our aquifer by a large disposable water producer. Find out more at
 There is now a community dinner each week in Centre Wellington, and 2 community lunches each week. All are welcome. No charge. Excellent food, conversation, fun!

Find out dates and locations here.

Knox Presbyterian Church is our neighbouring congregation. It hosts the dinners on the 1st Friday of each month, starting at 6pm. It’s a couple blocks east of our church building, at Church & Melville streets. A different organization prepares and serves the food each month. Elora UC is pleased to be one of the supporting organizations.

Prayer Shawls are available for those needing warmth, love and prayer.

We will try to leave at least one available at the back of the sanctuary.

We just ask you to record the shawl in our registry book.

Addition shawls are available during office hours.

 Please remember to keep our shopping cart in the Welcome Centre full.

To see what else we are doing, check the Sunday News tab for the weekly Sunday News.

You might also be interested in the activities of the Centre Wellington Social Justice Group. Go to

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