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The Sanctuary Course



The Sanctuary Course is for anyone who wants to learn about faith and mental health.

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Here are some resources to help you grow your faith.

Since the Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek (and also a bit of Aramaic), most of us need to read it translated into our own langauge. Thanks to the hard word of generations of translators, there are many options out there.  Bible Gateway is your one-stop resource for these. It has more than 200 translations in 70 languages, including 50 Englash language ones. Some modern ones we recommend are:

  • The Common English Bible (CEB)
  • The New Revised Standard Version (NIV)
  • The New International Version (NIV)
  • The Message (MSG)

 Enter the Bible is produced by the professors at Lutheran Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. It gives lots of information about every book of the Bible. This includes summaries, why it matters, where it is in the Bible, who wrote it, what it’s about, and tips for reading it. You can also see explanations about individual passages. The site also has videos by professors, maps, and a helpful glossary where you can look up unfamiliar words.r the book with quick summaries.

The Bible Project is an excellent and entertaining tool. The site is full of videos that explain things about the Bible, and they’re always adding more. Besides introductions to individual books, there are also videos about the various sections of the Bible, how to read different kinds of biblical literature, themes that run through Scripture, particular topics, and important words. The videos are cartoon! Don’t be fooled by that, however. They are not childish, the content is solid, and very helpful for Bible readers of all levels of experience.
 The folks at The Bible Project have made this very helpful app, called Read Scripture. It works on Apple and Android devices. You can set it to lead you through the whole Bible in whatever time you choose. It keeps track of your progress for you, and can send you reminders. Each day it give you the text of that day’s passage. You can also play a video that helps understand it that passage, from The Bible Project’s collection. One thing I like about the Read Scripture app and The Bible Project is how they keep bringing us back to the big story the Bible is telling.