United Church of Canada

We are part of the United Church of Canada. It was formed in 1925 when three distinct “streams” of churches came together: the Methodists, most Presbyterians, and the Congregationalists. (The Elora congregation was part of the Methodist stream.) While these groups had their differences, they believed that their common faith in Jesus and their work for him should bring them together. In 1968, this uniting work continued when the Evangelical United Brethren joined. We value openness and inclusiveness, and have a strongly practical streak. Social justice and building a better world have always been passions for us. We are a “big tent” church, providing shelter to people of many different backgrounds and viewpoints, but bound together by our love for each other and our common trust in God.

United Church of Canada our national website.

The United Church is currently restructuring. We are now part of the Western Ontario Waterways region. When the new region’s website is up, we’ll post a link here. In the meantime, you can check out the still-operating website for our previous region, Waterloo Presbytery.

United Church Resource Centre a great place to get Christian resources.

Five Oaks a United Church learning centre near Paris, Ontario.

United Church Observer our national magazine. You can order it through our office.