Our Story

Way back in 1835 a bunch of Jesus’ disciples held their first worship service in Elora.  They met in a family’s home – imagine, the whole church coming over to your house! You’d have to clean your room! Not every week, mind you, but every two weeks, in the evening, they got together to celebrate God. They called themselves “Methodists”. That means they were carrying on the tradition started by John Wesley which emphasized personal faith and growth as followers of Jesus Christ.

Over the next few years, they met in other homes and also in a stable. (Great for Christmas!)  A few years later, they started holding services in the brand new school house. Sometime around then they started calling themselves “Elora Methodist Church”. However, even that proved too small. So around 1845, they built their first church building, out of logs on the other side of the Grand River.  It was 30 feet by 36 feet.

Then, in 1862, they bought the land to build the current church building, out of bricks finally. They had their first official worship service here on March 1, 1863 In 1953, they added on the section that contains the offices, an all-purpose room, the preschool and kitchen. In 1988 the section that includes the Welcome Centre and lift elevator was built.

As you can see, the building the church has met in over the years has changed a lot. Yet the most important thing has remained. Whether we were meeting in a stable or a school or a house, sheltered by walls made of logs or bricks, we were people of faith celebrating God, following Jesus, and gifted by the Spirit. Thank God, who has proved to be faithful all these years. What will the next years bring?

(Want to find out more? Here’s a more in-depth article.)

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