Congregational Meetings

We have 2 annual meetings each year.

In February, we focus on Finance and Property matters.

In April-May, we concentrate on our Mission and choose our Leadership.

We meet at other times too, when we need to talk and decide about important matters together.

Special Meeting

Sunday, September 23       After Worship

Download the EDGE report

EDGE is a network for ministry development in the United Church. We asked EDGE to do an analysis of our congregation and its bulding/property. This report will help us discern our future directions. At our meeting, we’ll be talking about it’s recommendations and discerning our next steps.


Mission & Leadership 2018 Meeting

Sunday, May 5       After Worship

        Meeting Materials     Mission & Leadership Report for 2017


Finance and Property 2018 Meeting

This meeting was held on Sunday, February 25.

        Meeting Materials     Financial and Property Report for 2017


Previous Years

2017 meetings:

Financial and Property Report for 2016 and Slideshow presentation

Mission and Leadership report for 2016

Re:Genesis (2014)

This team was empowered by our Council to discern future directions for our congregation. You can read their materials here.

Re:Genesis Report (February 2014)

What We Think We Know: Some observations about our congregation and community (Fall 2013)