Sermons from 2013

Magi Gifts (January 2013)
The Magi (or “Wise Men”) brought gifts to Jesus. How can these symbolize the gifts we can bring?

Jan 6 Gold: The gift of My Wealth

Jan 13 Frankincense: The gift of My Worship

Jan 20 Myrrh: The gift of My Death


Christianity and Violence (January-February 2013)
As followers of Jesus, let’s wrestle with hard questions of violence and justice.

Jan 27 Christianity, Part of the Problem?

Feb 3 Christian Pacifist Tradition: Violence is Never an Option

Feb 10 Christian Just War Tradition: Violence is Sometimes a Tragic Necessity


Travelling Music (Lent 2013)
The Psalms are the basic prayerbook for Jews and Christians. In the middle are the Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134). These were sung by pilgrims journeying to the holy city, Jerusalem. We explore how some of these can be music for our own faith journey with God.

Feb 17 Psalm 120 Flash of Lightning

Feb 24 Psalm 121 You are Kept

Mar 3 Psalm 123 Looking to the Master’s Hand

Mar 10 Psalm 130 Watching from the Depths

Mar 17 Psalm 131 Like a Child, Content

Mar 24 Psalm 132 David and the Ark


Easter Season (April-May 2013)

Mar 31 Easter 1 Idle Tales

April 7 Easter 2 Sending Part 1

April 14 Easter 3 Sending Part 2

We don’t have sermon scripts for April 21 and 28.

May 5 Easter 6 Shifted


Pentecost We don’t have sermon scripts for May 26, June 9 and June 16.

May 19 Pentecost Centering Prayer

June 2 Water and Containers


Summer Series on the Book of Judges

June 23 Do You Know? Do You Remember?

June 30 The Bee, the Hammer and a Mother Waiting

July 7 The Mighty Warrior .

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. . Hiding

July 14 The Virtue of Breaking One’s Promise

July 21 Leadership Fail

July 28 Give Us a King


Neighbouring (Fall 2013)
Jesus taught and showed a way of life that is centred around loving God, and loving our neighbour. In September, we looked at our neighbours next door, and how we might love them. In November, our focused shifted to being neighbours to people who are not like us.

September 8 What If Jesus Meant It?

September 15 The Gift of Interrupt-ability

September 22 Scary Neighbours

September 29 Neighbours: The Motion Picture

November 3 Loving Like Doris

November 10 Learning Our Address

November 17 Loving Your Not-So-Lovely Neighbour

(No sermon on November 24.)


October Sermons (2013)  Each Sunday has a different theme this month.

October 5 Worldwide Communion Sunday

  • Bethany United (Elora UC’s partner) had a regular sermon: For You…For Many
  • Elora UC’s sermon included a story by Phil Irish and a music video: Big Table

October 13 Thanksgiving Sunday: Water.Works

October 20 A Public Display

October 27 Preparing for the Parade


Waiting and Yearning (Advent 2013)
Some of the things we celebrate most — justice, beauty, relationship, spirituality — also cause us the most pain, or at least dissatisfaction. Even the best things in life are incomplete. Might these be pointers, whispers of a voice, beckoning us into a deeper relationship with God?

December 1 Waiting and Yearning for Justice

December 8 Waiting and Yearning for Beauty

December 15 Waiting and Yearning for Relationship (Elora version) (Bethany version)

Christmas Eve Communion A Sign for You

January 5 Waiting and Yearning for Spirituality Originally planned for December 22, this was postponed because of the ice storm we experienced.


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