Vision, Mission, Values

Living God’s passionate love for all creation.

Our life as a church is grounded in God’s great vision . . .
. . . of a world where people live to bless and care for the creation.
. . . of communities that flourish, families that bless, and relationships that thrive;
. . . of wounds being healed, reconciliation replacing conflict, justice being done and mercy flowing freely;
. . . of all creation, including us, living in joyful harmony with our Creator’s passionate love

We believe this is part of God’s vision.
We see God is making this into reality in Jesus.
We hear God inviting us all to join in this.

How are you living God’s vision in your life? How can we live it together?

We are . . .

. . . growing deeper as followers of Jesus;
. . . looking higher to celebrate God in all we do;
. . . reaching wider to share blessings with our neighborhoods and beyond;
. . . drawing closer as a community

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We Value God’s Leading

As sisters and brothers in the Body of Christ, we recognize that God’s leading is dependent upon God’s grace. By listening to the Body, being biblically shaped and by walking in gratitude, we will develop our capacity to hear and respond to the Father, Son and Spirit.

We Value People
We are a people of opportunity and giftedness, brokenness and pain, compassion and accountability, humour and joy. We embrace people as they are and welcome them to join the journey of seeking the Creator.

We Value Stewardship
As God has freely given to us, we freely give. God calls us to be a blessing for others. The people, finances, skills, leadership, property and creativity we accept from God allow us to live out this calling. Our planet is one of God’s greatest gifts and is our responsibility to steward and nurture.

We Value Community
We strive to be a listening, fun, joyful and generous community. We also want to be an open, healthy community that can grieve, question, listen and heal together. We are accountable to each other. We are a community of ministers empowered to work in our church and beyond. We will foster leadership, nurture our staff and volunteers, and use our resources wisely to grow our organization together.