We believe very strongly that God calls each of us to lives of love and service. And since the word “minister” means “to serve”, that makes us all ministers.

Here are the ministers employed by Elora UC.

Greg Smith-Young
Greg Smith-Young
Minister for Worship, Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Care
Greg enjoys discovering how Jesus weaves God’s Story into each of our lives. Through the meanderings and struggles of his own life, he has discovered again and again the faithful goodness of God. He enjoys walking with others along their faith journeys as a trustworthy companion. His worship leadership on Sunday is thoughtful, informed, and help us to grow as followers of Jesus. He’s pretty funny too! Greg and Barb have 2 children, both of whom are young adults. Greg came to our congregation in 2004, after serving in Northern Ontario for 8 years. He follows baseball and basketball, reads lots (finding great spiritual insights in The Lord of the Rings, among other things), and enjoys many kinds of music (especially sinking into Leonard Cohen, U2, and Les Miserables). He’s always up for a good chat over coffee.  ministerelorauc@wightman.ca

Barb Smith-Young
Barb Smith-Young
Designated Lay Minister for Children and Youth
Barb joined our leadership team in 2008. In case you haven’t guessed, she is married to Greg (see above.) Although Barb has been in a paid position within the church since 2008, she has been serving with children and youth since her late teenage years. Barb enjoys exploring how to be a follower of Jesus with children, youth and parents. Having grown up in a home where faith was woven into everyday life, she strives to encourage and equip others to do the same. Barb has a very varied employment history (Registered Nurse, childcare provider, swimming and piano instructor, residence don) but there is one common thread through all her most loved experiences – her passion for children and youth. She loves playing hide and go seek games in darkened churches, and any game involving a rubber chicken! She likes to sing, plays the piano, and is determined to learn guitar.barbsmithyoung@gmail.com
Worship Music Leaders

Betty Weinstein and Inkyoung Lee share in leading music in our congregation.

Beverly Bond picture (bw) Beverly Bond, Office Administrator and Treasurer
Beverly gets things done! She runs the office and keeps the other staff organized. She is in the office on Thursdays and Fridays.elorabethanyuc@bellnet.ca

Suzanne Flewelling, Church Cleaner


You should give feedback about staff members (kudos and criticism), when possible, directly to that person. You can also contact Willa Hopkinson, chairperson of the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

Elora UC’s members select a Mission Board and a Resources Board to provide leadership and direction.

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Mission Board
Bonnie Young (chair)
Melanie Anderson
Dorothy Hemingway
Matt Lindsay
Jeff Smith
Phyllis Waind
Lesley Weaver
Greg Smith-Young

Resources Board
Judy McMullan (chair)
Marilyn Abraham
Richard Burt
Jim Fairless
Joanne Norris
Tom Skimson
Greg Smith-Young

Ministry & Personnel Committee
Willa Hopkinson (chair)
Susanne Thomson
John Wilkie
Nancy Watson from Bethany United Church

Jeff Negrave (chairperson)
Nancy Van Veen
Shannon Shan
Greg Smith-Young